Butterflies of Europe

Butterflies of Europe is a brilliant resource for experts and novices alike.

This comprehensive app is the perfect pocket companion for any outdoor pursuit, field trip or holiday. It provides a beautifully illustrated field guide to all the 463 butterfly species likely to be seen in Europe, from the Arctic to northern Africa, the Canaries to the Black Sea.

Around 2,500 stunning photographs have been provided principally by Matt Rowlings and Guy Padfield in Switzerland and Peter Eeles and Chris Manley in Britain.

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  • Simple visual navigation based on families, groups and species
  • Distribution Maps
  • Species notes
  • Option to save your own notes
  • Record your own sightings
  • Similar species finder
  • Search facility
  • Introductory notes for all families and groups
  • All images, including thumbnails, with vernacular and scientific names
  • Taxonomy based on Butterfly Conservation Europe list
  • Anatomy and wing diagrams
  • High resolution photographs of living butterflies

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Matt Rowlings - www.eurobutterflies.com
Chris Manley - www.chrismanley.co.uk

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