Butterflies of Europe


Butterfly Conservation, European Interests Group

  • "What makes this special is a collaboration between some of the best butterfly photographers and experts in Europe. You can download 3000 images including maps for the 400 odd butterflies that occur in Europe. The human interface is remarkably intuitive and makes full use of the capabilities of the Apple operating system. You navigate quickly by icons. A quick tap takes you to the next level and you can bring up crystal clear photographs of virtually every butterfly in Europe. You can check against similar species. In many cases you can bring up annotated diagrams telling you what to look at. You can also bring up a map which covers northern Morocco to Arctic Scandinavia and eastwards to European Turkey showing the distribution. There are also notes on foodplant and life cycle. This is all in your pocket." - Simon Spencer


+Great App! ***** by Qwertygdghvfryvdru

  • "Very good pictures of a wide range of European species. Brief notes about each. Space for personal notes. Very good distribution maps and reference to similar species."

+A collection of good photos **** by GnuGnus

  • "I hesitated to spend so much on an app but I’m glad I did …….it does gain over a book is that the photos can be expanded for a closer look and this alone makes it worth the cost."

+Useful app, easy to navigate ***** by annstbt

  • "Extremely useful app, very easy to navigate."


+By Wurzel

  • "Brill, ace job! The photos are excellent and there's a good range of them, more than your average guide book. The "your notes" feature is a great idea and I'm itching to use it and I really like the "similar species" feature which whisks you over to its/their page for a direct comparison. Overall it's a brill app with easy and intuitive user friendly design with the added bonus that it's stand alone so it can be used effectively in any field!"

+By Paul W

  • "All appears excellent. I only have an iPod touch but the photos look great and the information is sound. I especially like the fact that you can record whether you have seen the species on this App, great for all those who like to tick and even better the fact that you can add your own notes as well."

+By Nick M

  • "What a fantastic resource. I'm anticipating many hours of happy browsing. I like the maps, which are a lot more detailed than in most books. Great pictures, too."